New Seygusrazor Spain 2015 batch

Second shave with my SSSeygus this morning.
Configuration: standard handle without the weight thingie:

Loaded with the Rainbow Super Stainless blade - 8th and last time.

The blade definitively reached its end-of-life.
Had no problems with the balance or the (lack of) weight - what bothered me was the length of the handle - it really is too
short to my taste (but of course YMMV).

Nevertheless a nice smooth DFS++ shave .... :p
Very nice, Jan! It is indeed a great razor!
Veldhoven, the Netherlands
Third shave this morning with my SSSeygus.
This configuration:

Custom aluminum handle, 100 mm long, weight 29 grams.
Put a fresh Personna Lab Blue blade in it.

Weight OK, balance OK, length of handle OK - maybe even better than original handle plus "weight-thingie".
It's a pity this handle isn't black.

Again a DFS++ result with this superb razor.

Will try a stainless handle tomorrow - let's see whether the added weight is an improvement ... :p
Round the bend
Its funny, but I prefer the prototype over this head, I find this one too aggressive feeling on my baby smooth skin :p
I did find an inexpensive black handle on eBay though with a Todds Cuts razor head attached to it that looks OK on the Sseygus.
Veldhoven, the Netherlands
Fourth shave this morning with the SSSeygus.

Custom stainless handle, 100 mm long, weights 76 grams.
Blade Personna Lab Blue (2).

Length of handle OK, balance OK, weight OK - not better, not worse than the aluminum 100 mm handle.

Again - DFS++ result. :)

Will try a slightly shorter and lighter stainless handle tomorrow - after that I assume end of test suite, and
use the standard handle + "weight thingie" after that.

Rumours are there will be a longer SSSeygus handle in future - Thalasos: please put me on the list ... :rolleyes:
Silly Suffolk
Checked eBay for Todds Cuts - handle looks OK, but postage (to the Netherlands) a little bit steep - to my taste ...:(
A word to the wise on Todds Cuts. I too bought one of their razors with the black/plain metal finish handles, which I think is the same as @Father Ted 's, purely for the handle, which looks nice enough and is supposedly stainless. If indeed it is stainless, it's an incredibly low grade. On a flat surface, with a medium strength ordinary (i.e. not rare-earth) magnet, the handle will roll to the magnet when the latter is about 1 1/2 inches (38mm) away. That's not what I'd expect from a lump of even 304 grade stainless; more like plain old steel.
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