New Parker Adj. Injector!

OK, 2nd shave with the "Chick" blade and I used Cyril L. Salter tallow (puck) soap. Fellas, I received a perfect DFS after the first WTG pass and just for giggles I did an XTG quasi pass. Sure, if I take a credit card, cotton ball or a small Pekingese dog and rub ATG I can feel the slightest of nubs. But for many, yours truly included, to go after these with fervent ATG passes and/or multiple touch ups = ingrown hair Hell. I have done as such before with other razors and it's impossible to tell the difference by looking at even kissing distance in the mirror. I hate to employ an old maxim, but shaving is beard reduction and not elimination. For people who aren't "chasing the dragon" of BBS this is a superb modern injector razor.

Hey Bogeyman... Sorry, I missed your review. I'd high five you if I could! Fellow beard reducer here! I've been tempted to buy this razor as you may already know.

Having spent the better part of almost a year, I've mostly shaved with the Rockwell 6C on R6 with a lot of success i.e. almost DFS, and no ingrown hairs. When I read about the new Parker Adjustable Injector, I 'rediscovered' (at the back of my shave drawer) my Schick Adjustable Injector 'M' Type over a week ago. Previously I used lower settings (ingrown hell), but I opted to use setting 7 due to the higher setting success I had with the Rockwell 6C.

So far, its been a really good shaver. With a good lather, my Schick Adjustable Injector 'M' Type is like a hot knife through butter (thats with a dense, wiry beard, and three or four day growth). Plus I only generally shave one pass (the resultant shave is very comparable to the two passes and a touch-up pass I did before, which IMHO, was intense for my skin), with a mixture of directions as I know my beard map extremely well now, and then a touch-up pass. I'm very close to DFS.

Super Safety Razors also told me the Parker Adjustable Injector is a milder razor than the Schick Adjustable Injector 'M' Type. So this information is enough for me to pass. RAD overkill averted! But I'd still say its certainly worth a look if you dislike the Schick Adjustable Injector 'M' Type.
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