New Kickstarter razor - The SmartRazor


Well "Ahhm Sorreh Monkeh" but I gotta love Nivea Sensitive Cooling Shaving Gel ;) But give me mah fellow furry Darron the Fox's soap all day over even tho I love it!
You use what you want Hoss, I really think everybody should use what they get along with, and includes the soap they use, I was joking about the canned stuff....really, we live in a country where we have the fredom of choice which is a fantastic thing, I use what I want and would not want ENYONE telling me otherwise, so it would be crass of me to say anything about what anybody else wants to use. Shave happy. :)
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@Bezoar you must have stubble like wire wool mate but if that is your experience then it's your experience. I get good clean shaves out of a Quattro. Oh and you must have had your balls drop early if you was shaving at 13. I did not touch me face until I was 17 or 18. You would probably have cut yourself to buggery wiv a DE at 13 tho.
I had no choice but to shave at 13. possibly at 12 once a week or so. I was big kid 6'2" and damn near 250 lbs in the 6th grade. They really really wanted me on the school football teams.
About a year ago, there was a kickstarter for a laser razor. It promised shaving using light at a certain frequency that supposedly caused the hair to just break, but without any invasion of the skin. It sounded amazing. A zillion people backed it, including me. We then got a note saying that Kickstarter had closed it because the proposer hadn't got a workable prototype, which is a requirement for Kickstarter.

However, the science might be plausible. We might one day be able to shave with a laser, with no skin irritation whatsoever. It would take a few moments and last indefinitely.

I think I'd miss shaving with blades and soaps and whatnot, but I don't think most people would.
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