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Sunny Cornwall
Shave Report #3 - A walk on the Wild side

Ok, so I couldn't wait until Friday. The Bunny kept calling my name this morning (a much deeper voice than I would have thought...) and I answered the call.

This is my third time using the B-V3 and I've gone from NotSo and now to Wild.
In all three shaves I've been using a vintage Schick Twin blade.

Some of the "challenges" I've encountered along the way can be summarized as;
- quite a bit of soap residue ends up behind the base plate,
- difficult to get completely clean shaven right under my nose, and
- not too much of a difference in how aggressive the base plates felt.

Well, let me tell you...those challenges are now overcome, conquered and dealt with.
I am not sure if it's because of the Wild plate as I think it's also simply me getting used to the angle.
- I take off the base plate and rinse the razor after every use, all rinses off easily. Not an issue.
- I adjusted my angle a bit and did the 'open mouth'-trick, did some XTG strokes - and the area under my nose is clean shaven. Not an issue.
- I paid special attention to ATG this morning and the 'Wild' adds a layer of 'bark' to it that I really, really like. I think I am a Wild Man. Not an issue.

So I guess you've already figured out that today's shave was, well, tremendous.
Two passes - WTG and ATG. Result: Clean, clean shaven. No nicks, no cuts and for some reason this is a fun razor to shave with.
I also do keep admiring it as I shave with it and I feel like I'm taken back to a time where my next stop will be a speak-easy downtown Chicago where Capone and Bunny Kelman are waiting for me. Darn it looks good.

Tom, I think you just might have a razor that you could sell a few of ;)

Dem be some sexy curves....

The Schick Twin blade resting comfortably on the notches

I took a walk on the Wild side...

Great photos of a stunning razor
The Bunny V2 & V3 SE Razor by Tom White.

Who would be interested in owning one at a reasonable price? If so speak up!!!

BTW this is NOT a selling thread

I am thinking of doing a Kickstarter to bring them to the general market at a reasonable price. I have an agreement with Tom himself and indeed I have his personal razors with me.
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