New Injector Razor

Rebublic of Scotland
Something very, very exciting arrived in the mail today...

Tom, it's gorgeous.

First impressions:
"I can't believe this is a pre-production prototype!"
"Shiny, smooth, amazing detailed craftmanship"

There's a chance some users may feel that the handle is a bit on the short end but to me longer handles are a mostly relatively new fascination (with some exceptions like the Gillette Big Boy, etc) and I think the size goes extremely well with the retro-throw-back look of this gorgeous razor.

Just for a sense of scale and comparison - here's the B-V3 next to the vintage Schick Type F.
I never thought I'd say this...but here's an injector razor that looks better than the F....

Aye..You are Right there..The Type F looks like a Skint Bunny next to Toms Bunny..:D:p:D

I posted the photos of the razor on some social media platform just to see what kind of reactions I would get.

First was Mantic with "" :)

Other comments I've received:
"Looks fantastic!" by Supply Provision

"WOW, just WOW!" on DFS

"What type of blade does it take and how can I get one?!!!", Instagram

"I sure hope he goes into production", Instagram

"Wow! Now that's a jaw dropping stunningly gorgeous razor!!", Instagram

"Take my money!!!!", Twitter
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