New Injector Razor

Burbank California USA
Hello all.

I have created a new thread for the Razor I have made. @Darkbulb gave me the boot:( Seriously though, I will be sending @Fergiebilly a razor on Monday. He has graciously agreed to give it a thorough thrashing for me. As I would tend to be a bit biased about my own baby.

Once Billy has given it a go I believe he will start a pass around in the UK. for those who are interested. I only request is that you give an honest thorough feedback.

the razor is 108MM long
Weight is 66 grams.

Thanks Tom

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Btw Tom, when/if you get to wanting to do a pass-around here on TSR of your invention I'd fully recommend contacting for instance @rowlers and/or @riverrun as they have a solid track-record of running those things flawlessly here :)
I'm always happy to help out razors in need with their journeys. Especially injectors. :D
By the way - Shouldn't this thread be in the Single Edge (SE) Razors & Blades sub-forum? Maybe a moderator can fix this?
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