New Cella(Green) line

Cella is a popular brand among wet shavers, Almond scented, thick and cushiony lather producing shave soap is much loved, after this they brought other products and I only used their aftershave which is very good.
I started seeing Cella products with green label(aloe vera based??) and I was wondering if anyone used these? Especially the aftershave? Scent, skin care and other qualities?
Ive seen that Agent Shave is selling the new Cella sensitive (green) stuff.

tempted to try but I already have too much stuff and I have very little will power
I understand I feel similar towards this product, perhaps the word 'sensitive' is putting me off because I like soaps and aftershaves with powerful scents.
Well, there ain't Jack Schitt on the Cella website about it. :confused:

I hope they make a soap in this as I love Cella, but the marzipan scent wore me down. :sick:
I know what you mean. Superb performance, but I tried using it daily for a week or so but the marzipan scent became cloying and sickly.

The new line has no croap, just a cream in a tube that is not tallow based like the classic croap.
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