Myrsol Blue & Emulsion

I've been wanting to try something from Myrsol for a while since they get such positive reviews and when the Blue aftershave and "Emulsion" popped on Buy and Sell, it seemed like a good time to try it, especially as I have come to the end of my Speick aftershave. Picture shamelessly stolen from the ad:


First, the Blue. It's menthol laced but not massively so. Low alcohol burn. There's not much else happening though. It dries to a pleasant enough powder smell and slightly dries my skin, which is OK since I thought that's were the Emulsion would come in. It's decent, but compared to Speick there's not much face nourishing going on. I'll use it up, but I probably won't get a repeat prescription.

Emulsion - I had heard such great things about this and was hoping for a bit of synergy with the aftershave. Upon applying it and rubbing it in my skin, it started to "curdle" slightly. I can't think of a better way to describe it. The more I massaged it in, the worse it got. The next day I made sure to shake up the bottle and I didn't notice the curdling as much, but I also didn't rub it in as much, thinking maybe that's what caused it. This seemed better, but it dried to a white film on parts of my face, and was incredibly drying. I resorted to some humble Nivea balm to get rid of the white film and put some moisture back in my face. I've since used the Emulsion as a preshave, which is the only use I can find for it. This, despite not really believing in preshaves....Oh well, the bottles look lovely...YMMV and all that.
I've got both (as well as other flavours). Really liking the Blue, but not a fan of Emulsion at all, prefer other balms.
Agua de Limon is one of my splash favourites, esp for the summer time.
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