My cartridge razor collection

I'm starting to sort out all the razors I have and divided them into;
- cartridges,
- injectors,
- DE,
- SE, and
- Straight razors

My cartridge 'collection' is one of the smaller ones so I started with that one.

Below are all 33 of them are laid out on a table before I figure out how to place them on the shelf that is assigned to them.

For anyone interested, here's a legend to the razors below:

1st row:
Wilkinson Protector "Tomorrow Never Dies" edition
Wilkinson Protector "Goldfinger" edition
Wilkinson Protector Metal
Wilkinson Protector 3D
Wilkinson Bonded, issued in Portugal

2nd row:
Wilkinson T70 sample razor
Wilkinson T70 sample razor
Wilkinson T70 'black & white"
Wilkinson T70 'red dot'
Wilkinson Kompakt
Wilkinson Bonded sample razor, unusual shape
Wilkinson Bonded, black w/ large sword icon on handle
Wilkinson II/WII

3rd row:
Merkur MII
Wilkinson Royale
Gillette Sensor, executive in gold
Gillette Trac II
Schick Paul Revere cartridge
Schick Paul Revere cartridge
Reed & Barton Atra Sterling Silver plated
Gillette Atra in invitation pack

4th row:
Truefitt & Hill
No-name silver plated decorated handle
Crabtree & Evelyn
Gillette Atra "DeLuxe"
Gillette Atra
Gillette Atra Elite
Burma Shave
Schick Pivot in gold
Schick Super II
Schick Super II

I think coming up next will be the straight razors
Neat! Have you shaved with the Bonded System yet?

... and I thought you had a red Protector (3D?). There's a yellow one out there, too.
Kinda. I've shaved with the b&w T70 a number of times and if memory serves me right they use the same cartridge.
No, no red/yellow/[insert football team]-branded Protectors. Just these silver/metal/gold ones :)

Next up to be used is the T70 red dot one. Really like that one and will be fun to see how it shaves.
I picked up a metal Contour handle (one Id not seen before black / silver) but was a bit naffed off to find the aluminium quite corroded.

Its in the dishwasher - the first stage of cleaning but its one of these:
Ah, I have one of those, bought from new, which still sees use. The Contour / Atra is probably my favourite cartridge razor - I have another version too. Never felt tempted by a Mach 3, Fusion or whatever, although I do have a Feather MR3.
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