My best razor: Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power

Having tried many different cartridge shaving razors over the years, I've been settled on the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power razor for a while now. It provides me with the closest, quickest and most comfortable shave.

The 'power' function produces vibrations against the skin that help to minimise tugging and snagging of the blades, providing a much smoother shave than the manual version of the razor.

The cartridges are not cheap, but for the benefits provided, totally worth it for me.

However, I've found that it is very sensitive to the shaving gel used. I've tried many different ones and the best I've found is the Real Shaving Co Super Slide gel. It helps the blades glide and keeps my skin well lubricated for WTG, ATG and clean-up passes with just one application at the start.
and remember that vibrating razors were a short lasting fad in the old days.

and I thought vibrations against the skin were intended to provide a different result. that's what the ladies told me anyway.
It's true that the cartridges aren't cheap but each one lasts me 30 shaves without pushing them, so cost-per-shave (when the shaves are so effortless) make them a no-brainer.
no offense but those blades barely last 4 passes for me.

If its a simple cost of shaving device divided by number of uses, then shouldn't you be using a straight razor by now? you can find 12$ straight razors that with some modification will give years of quality use.
Interesting I was gifted a Fusion a while back and it gave good shaves though thr ridiculously priced cartridges did not last long. The massage from the vibration felt nice but not sure it improved the shave.
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