MWF conclusion

I think I'm allergic to The Fat :(

I'd had several shaves which seemed OK then one day I got some horrible red & sore patches on my face. At first I wasn't sure if it was a reaction to the alum block I was using or the lanolin in MWF but now it looks like it was the soap.
I had a similar reaction yesterday after I tried it in the shower. As it was fairly soft, I used it on a wash cloth, not my normal routine. Later on in the day, I had similar red lines under my eyes and most of my face was very sensitive. Residing in the Land of the Morning Calm, we're required to wear face masks (unless you're eating or drinking or smoking or talking on the phone), and the major irritation was where the top line of the mask rested. Nowhere else was affected. Today, all is well.

That was a very odd occurrance as I don't have sensitive skin.

If I get it vulcanized, can I use it for a hockey puck?
I'm afraid it's natural selection in action. Over thousands of years the genes which make people unable to handle MWF will gradually be weeded out of the gene pool as smoother-skinned, Fat-tolerant individuals enjoy greater reproductive success.

A soap which will literally shape the future of mankind.
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