Multiple SE or a mutant half DE???? a safety razor you might not have know was coming..

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So in my pursuit for all things new and conceptual in the world of shaving I ventured upon.....
The Leaf Razor.<<<<<<click here lol

Basic low down another kickster campaign for a razor that professes it will change the world of shaving.
But i'll let all you fine folks here be the judge. The premiss is a light weight metal allow handle and head. Almost looks like many a cartridge system in its silhouette. The head has a pivoting joint borrowing from it's long lost cousins the cartridge system, the oneblade, the beluga and a few other vintage SE's.

But what makes this lil new addition to the world of shaving is it ability to take multiple (maximum of 3) half snapped DE blades staggered like a multi blade cartridge razor.
So you can choose 1, 2 or 3 blades. We've seen the half DE used recently in the rocnel SE and has been used in half form in shavettes for years. However my question to you fine folk is do we need or even want this razor? We've spent years being told that more blades is better, only to one day find out 1 blade can do an even better job and that the man at the top of the conglomerates is sellin us snake oil. For it to only go the other way and for someone to create a system that uses proper wet shaving hardware to give the masses who buy the £20 for 4 castries their 3 blade shave.

In their own words "LEAF is a customizable metal razor with a pivoting head and multi-blade support that works with blades that cost CENTS - not dollars!"
I'm guessing when they say metal they don't mean 316 ss lol
Don't get me wrong I know this has a market and i'm even intrigued how it will shave. Heck i'm even thinking buy me one and if it a pile of poo sell it or PIF.

What do you all think? Getting one? Wont go near it? Or happy to see innovation in the world of wet shaving?
I'm not sure what it adds?

Will it reduce the number of passes - probably not as people will still want to go WTG, XTG and maybe ATG based on preference

Will it be smoother - probably not as @Holyzeus has said, the first blade will probably remove most of the lather

On the plus side, it allows for three levels of aggressiveness in one razor, but that's not much different from an adjustable.

It actually becomes more expensive to run than a normal DE or SE or even a half blade SE such as the Rocnel.

I'm intrigued. I'd like to know how it performs, but I'm a little sceptical as to what the benefits will be. I'm all for innovation though and would be happy to be shown otherwise however.
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