Mr. Edward Brice, a God amongst men!

So, here she is, my first custom straight from Ed Brice.

This is pure English craftsmanship at it's best. Non of your Chinese, German, Swiss muck. Ed is one of the few craftsmen in this country that is keeping the art of British razor manufacturing alive.

I took the plunge with an initial email and after a few more we had a design agreed. Copper flake scales, mirrored 6/8"blade with barbers notch, shoulderless with a 'curly tail'. Also wanted a matching 24mm silvertip badger knot brush.

I paid in full up front as he seemed trustworthy and I wasn't disappointed. He kept me up to date with the progress and 3 weeks later it arrived!

I won't go through the almost religious experience of opening the packages but I will say my whole family loved the 2 items. The packaging was beautiful done and there were instructions as well.

Apart from the gorgeousness of the brush and blade they actually work! The brush gives more lather than I know what to do with and the blade is properly shave ready and worked like a dream.

The only problem I found was that I lost concentration while stropping, due to it's shinyness, and killed my strop. Should be able to sand most of it out though.

I have now ordered myself an early birthday present from Ed! A 7/8" Smiling Kamisori !!!!! I've left the details up to Ed as a 'surprise'. Roll on my birthday.

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