Mr. Cobbs

NE Ohio, United States
A friend sent me this youtube link to a mini-documentary of sorts about Mr. Cobbs.

I've never heard of this place before. It appears to have a rich history and connection to London.:)

Do any members here own and use any of the products? Razors? Brushes?

I'd appreciate any additional information.

I was just back home in Cape town to visit my family. I also grew up with the family who own Mr Cobbs.

Whenever i am back in SA for a holiday i go for a cut at Mr Cobbs and pay a visit to Bob who owns it.
Sadly Bob Landsdown past away a few months ago and the shop is has taken a big hit.
Not sure if they will stay open in the future.

As per your post, yes the shop does have a connection to London as Bob grew up there.

There products are ok....

Brushes are Simpsons sold in store.

Most of their razors are fitted with big bulky handles with standard DE heads.

However, had my hair cut there twice in December during my holiday.

RIP BOB....the shop is not the same without you.
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