Moto G series phones....

Hello all,

I'm after a sim free phone at a decent price, with decent specs. Never owned a Moto phone before, and the reviews seem very good. Especially the G series.

Any experiences of the G6, G6 Play etc...?

Many thanks.
Wigan, Lancashire
Mrs 998 has had a G5 for a couple of years, she's been happy with it, it's even survived a couple of dunkings (she was very, very lucky imho) and the camera turns out better pics than its specs would suggest, but ultimately the lack of internal memory (both ROM and RAM) has started to cause problems. She's upgrading to a Samsung A50 this week.
Moto g series are good budget phones. G7 is the latest, G7 plus has the best camera of the range, G7 power has a huge battery (slightly chunkier), G7 play is cheapest and still OK, G7 is a good middle ground. G6 is still a nice phone but I would only but it if it were very cheap.
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