Mongoose SS SE Razor

Does anyone recall the retail price of the Mongoose SS {satin finish} when it was available I dont believe its made anymore .This edition used the artist feather type blade
Any information would be appreciated
Many thanks
I shaved with mine this morning, purchased from SLR, and I'm very happy with the quality of the head, and the shave. It does take a little effort to get the angle just right, but it gives a nice, smooth shave once that's achieved. Also, the head is quite heavy, but again that just requires a little adjustment, which I quite like; it all adds variety to shaving.
Silly Suffolk
I have a stainless version (don't know which) that I bought on 26/12/2014 for £144.02 (including delivery) from Mongoose, and, if memory serves, received after a long wait on their list. I bought two handles; plain, 12mm dia x 100mm, and a heavier barley-twist at 15mm x 100mm.

I also have the black Alumigoose (first edition, I think) with the hexagonal handle. That came from Maggard in March 2016, and cost me £92.16 including DHL delivery from the USA.

I've never had any problems with either, and they are very well-made, but, to be honest, they don't get used much now, as my other AC razors (brass, s/s and aluminium Generals, RazoRock, ES, Rocnel and Occams) work better for me. That said, I ought to use one next.
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