Moisturiser vs Aftershave Balm

I’ve recently gone through all my unused potions. After reading the labels carefully on a lot of my stuff it seems I’ve got mostly moisturiser and not aftershave balm.
Where do moisturisers fit into a wet shaving routine? Is there a difference?


I used to use moisturisers all the time but I am finding the likes of Cade after shave balms to have better moisturising qualities than most moisturisers. Otherwise I find it irrelevant which one I use as long as it makes my skin feel better.

I'm my case my skin is very receptive to some kind of after shave treatment otherwise it dries up very quickly.
It depends. Aftershave balms, to me, tend towards skin-soothing. Moisturisers are fairly self-explanatory.

If you get on well enough with moisturisers you probably have little/no need for a true aftershave balm, but it wouldn't hurt to try if you're restocking. I particularly like the Extro aftershaves as well as Wickhams 1912 balms. There's a lot of decent talk about Barts Balms (one of the resident TSR'ers productions - @BartsBalm) but I'm yet to give them a run-out.

As Satanfriendly alludes to, it does depend on your skin type and personal preference. I can get away with both drying and non-drying aftershaves/balms/moisturisers but am happy using some of the oilier numbers currently. I'd also add my 2¢ that Body Shop's Maca Root Razor Relief is great, as is either BBA's Post Shave Balm or Daily Moisturiser!

Hope this helps. :D
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