Mitchell's wool fat

In the garden
Aye, the Fat is an excellent soap that I find a doddle to lather. I rather like scent too as it's familiar and rather comforting but I would like to try a D.R. Harris hard soap at some point. I recently bought a cake of TOBS Sandalwood shaving soap and it is excellent thus far - loads of thick, creamy, slick and cushioning lather with a great but mild scent.


It's very reasonably priced if you don't need the ceramic container in which you can buy it. Mine fitted an old Taylor's of Bond street container. It lasts ages and why some find it difficult to lather, I've no idea!
I quite like the smell of Tabac but it is one I need to be in the mood for.
I feel the same way and FWIW the desire became less & less as the soap bowl diminished. I have but a bit left and when it's gone there will be no more. The scent is very lineal and after a few hours wears like a ball & chain. :(
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