Mitchell's wool fat

I love it, but then I live less than a mile from the factory in the peoples republic of Yorkshire. I think it helps if you have soft water from t'Pennines. I remember trying it in London where the water is that hard it comes out with a flick knife and I really struggled.
Argh yes. I used to work opposite in Wibsey Park Mills :eek: I wasn't into Wet Shaving at the time. Not sure if it has a bricks & mortar shop that is open to the public.
I've used it for years, like it, it agrees with me, I can lather it..... And so forth. The use of MWF is a sort of "Rite of Passage". Get the better of it, and you'll be confident with any other.
So true. Living in a hard water area I was really struggling with my badger brush and bowl lathering so put it back on the shelf. Today I received a Yaqi Moka Express Mew Brown synthetic brush and I thought I'd try face lathering. So for a laugh I pulled out the MWF not expecting much. I was stunned! My best shave yet. Lathered brilliantly and a really close shave with the fragrance I love and a lovely post-shave feel to the skin.

Moral of the story - this soap loves face lathering with a good synthetic.
I have recently returned to DE shaving and fortunately bought MWF as my first soap. I am currently holding the newbie box and enjoying trying the alternative soaps and creams, but as yet haven't found anything as good. I live in a hard water area and have no problem getting a good lather with a cheap synthetic brush. Well worth a try.
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