Ming Shi Unscrew 3000S

Seems like a MIC interpretation of a Slim? I came across some ok pictures of the razor here. Through the meat grinder which is Google Translate it might suggest it is a bit milder than the Futur clone with a slightly smaller head as well.

Like Cristobal it's not the best looking razor but I'm also impatient to buy it.

Come on Aliexpress! Get it in stock!
What happened with the Greek column design adjustable?
I assume you are talking about the Parthenon, which so far has seemed to have received mixed reviews, leaning towards negative from what I have seen. Mark over at "Friendship Shaving" seemed a big fan, others I have seen complained about clogging issues and being way too aggressive and uncomfortable even on the lowest settings.

As for this Ming Shi, interesting to see what they can do, now they aren't just copying an expired patent :D
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