Meterology lessons

Excellent excellent and excellent. Reading this has been interesting and educational. And I say that from the point of a Master Mariner where meteorology was an important part of my exams and background. Your writings fill in a lot of areas which were either only covered lightly or beyond requirements.

Obviously in my game as a mariner understanding the immediate weather and reading what is happening for the sake of preparedness is a very essential part of everyday life. Except when home of course when all one wants to see and hear are the words good and getting better. From an 'at work' aspect getting predictions as near as possible correct can make a huge difference. More so when working in the tropical regions where the mention of a TRS can be daunting. I spent many years in these areas and thank God we tended to get most things right.

Altogether well founded and I have enjoyed finding the time to eventually plough through it.

Keep up the good work @chrisbell
Brilliantly said @Satanfriendly I concur that the time and effort you have put into this is highly commendable @chrisbell
A fascinating read and thank you for sharing, I am finding this so interesting.


I will make a 'rules of thumb' contribution when I can get some time and sitting in front of a real keyboard. Phones are so hit and miss and nore than often a miss at that!

Keep up the great work!
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