MdC clone soap give away

Hi all, so the copy of MdC soap that i made has had 4 weeks curing time and i have 3 pucks to give away to forum members. Ideally i'd like at least a couple of them to go to people who have tried Martin de Candre soaps so that they can give me a comparison. I'll cover the postage so UK only i'm afraid.

Just to note it's only the actual soap that i've attempted to copy, not the scent, that is all mine and for information it's lavender, rosemary, lemongrass and geranium.

PM if you would like to try it and please let me know in the message if you have tried MdC before.

Thanks for all the interest chaps, in the spirit of fairness the first three that PM'd me got the samples and i have responded to them. Sorry to all the others that didn't get a response, i'm sure this won't be the last give away so better luck next time.

To those that get a sample, i'd appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, in this thread if you don't mind.

A quick note on use, i've been using a badger brush with mine and that seems to be working pretty well, but it'd be interesting to hear how other brushes work with this.

Hope to get everything posted by Monday as i'm working all weekend.

Thanks again everyone.
Me too, I use a big badger on mdc and it is superb soap, I criticized it for long enough on it's price , but now I can see why, I hope it goes really well for the testers, I am in the middle of testing a soap so I would not want to do two,,it could cause comparisons, and that is not what it is about...good luck and enjoy.
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