May 2020 Acquisitions

North London
Like @Boycie83 I too had a delivery from Connaught this afternoon. I've mostly been using creams since I started DE shaving 10 or so years back. I decided it was about time I got a few soaps, plus a tried and trusted cream just incase. Also got a blade guard, plus a synthetic shave brush sort of on recommendation from @Scotshave. Also though I'd try the MWF hand soap. With all this extra hand washing, any help to keep the skin soft if a help. The Mühle soap will go in my travel soap tub.

Here's my delivery :)
I've been using Polsilvers and Sputniks for a couple of years and though it time I try some more blades so I bought a good selection. I've had 3 shaves with the Gilette Winner, OK but it's not as good as the Polsilver for me so far! I'm using with Proraso green (new version).

May 2020.JPG

I've also received a new Edwin Jagger DE89 Long and it's fantastic.
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