Martin de Candre

Probably the easiest to lather soap ever made. I don't know how they do it but just turn your brush a few times and lathering starts. The scents are not really delicate as they tend to hide the smell from the original one ( smell like tar or rosemary/thyme herbs) but the lathering and protection is exceptional. I have Rose, Agrumes and now Fougère on the way... Always disappointed by the post shave effect which is close to non existant with MDC soaps.

These are very expensive soaps but they will last forever. Don't know a guy that managed to finish one so far ...

In the same price range, my preference would be on Pannacrema Nuavia soaps. The scents are wonderful, glide, protection and post shave effect are top quality... they just last a bit less than MDC but you end up with a nice pot for the misses...
They all perform the same so it's entirely down to your taste in scents.

Original is lavender - It's very strong and smells like a tar roof to me.
Fougere is "fern like" - Widely accepted as one of the best shaving soap fougeres available.
Rose is a mixture of rose and benzoin - The benzoin resin imparts something which spoils the scent for me.
Vetiver is, well, vetiver! Dirty Haitian grass scent.
Agrumes is citrus, the only one I've not tried for fear of Arko style citronella.

I would strongly advise buying a sample of each from Shavedash before spending out on a 200g jar as the scents are not universally loved. My personal favourite is vetiver but I have to be in the mood for it.
Thanks for the Dhavedash recommendation. Placed an order which had now arrived. Looking forward to trying out my MDC samples
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