Making Offers On B/S/T Posts.

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It's a tricky one tbh. My mantra is " If you don't ask you don't get"

On another forum's BST I saw a lovely razor for sale over a period of time the razor dropped in price and there were no takers. Sellar finally dropped price to almost half of what he originally asked, I'd purchased from him before so put in a slightly cheeky offer expecting to go higher with a bit or barter. Seller just accepted first offer. Buyer and seller both happy.

Personally I feel the bartering/offers should be done via PM.

An item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.
If you work on the "do unto others" theory then in my opinion you can't go far wrong.

I have now made a significant number of purchases on the forum and found all to be at a reasonable price and with 1st class service to boot.

Add the value of the free advice that I have received since joining and I think i'm quids in!

So I guess this means that no one is interested in two sleeves of Derbys and three sticks of Arko for the Double Ring Gillette '04???
Shame, I guess it goes to eBay tomorrow:)-).

IMHO ...Perhaps we ought not seek to cut our noses off... so to speak!

This is a forum for those that know and those that take an interest. We discuss matters of interest and trade. In those discussions we debate subjects such as the economic pressures on the apparatus that we hold dear. It might be said that some here are 'subject matter experts'.

Clearly we have a good handle on the first law of economics: that of supply and demand.

To maintain a healthy balance in the equilibrium one needs debate, discussion, offer and counter-offer. Always polite, always timely as this has at its heart good communication skills.

I feel the above ensures we help maintain stability in a growing & changing market. To do otherwise pushes us toward inflation as there may be no checks on ones inherent emotional attachment to a treasured item in a "reluctant" sale. Equally, one must respect the emotional element in such a transaction process.

Done courteously trading should be a pleasure and an avenue for friendship. Perhaps, if one does not wish such interaction, one might simply make it clear in the advert (or in ones signature if that ardent).

But a note to those that offer - there is never any excuse for rudeness (and, as always, tread especially carefully in the first approach).

....just a thought.... IMHO
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