Maintaining a Gillette Aristocrat Adjustable

Simply gorgeous! No advice rather than a soft cloth or towel dry thoroughly after a quick shake. Keep it, man! A tenner for that piece of Gillette art? Woof, you lucky git. Try a Merkur Progress for a daily driver or perhaps a decent Gillette Slim Adjustable? Perhaps lightning will strike twice and you will do the tenner thing again, haha.

My wee brother does a bit wheeling and dealing such as bike stuff, furniture, appliances, etc. Basically he's bought a house and is skint so tries to get what he's after through the used, second-hand route and sells some stuff he no longer needs or wants an upgrade. Bit o' part-exchange an' all. It's really quite funny (to the rest of the family and I, at least) but he seems to have three prices he gets his gear for: Free, £10 or £40. He came round the other day with a specialized bike frame and asked us how much? £40 declared he and failed to understand our amusement! :D