Maggards Shipping Special Offer/Raising Shipping Prices


Castlerea , Ireland
Thanks for that @RussellR5555. One to screenshot and save so I can go back to it down the line.

Are you aware of any UK sites to get American soaps? Seen Stirling etc mentioned a lot so will no doubt want to test them down the line. Col Conk as well... £30 a puck on Amazon but $4 odd in America...madness!
Lots of people use Maggards as they are very reliable. and there shipping is very reasonable.
For goods over £15 you have to pay VAT (20%) on the whole value including shipping , if the whole value including shipping is under £135 you don't pay duty. If it is over you pay import duty which can vary depending on what the goods are categorised this is generally between 3.5 percent and 6 percent on shave goods. Duty is charged on top of the VAT....
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I've bought from there very recently. Was greatly surprised as i paid neither vat or handling fee on a soap in to the uk. Economy post and marked as low value......geat. bit slow but hey got my chiseled face pine tar soap for less than £15.
Email them and ask, great service, great comms. (Great soap too) I'll buy from there again.
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