Mach 3 vs Fusion blades

I used the Mach3 for many years, because my wife bought me it for christmas, she then bought me the vibrating head one to replace it, I never used the vibrating bit, and it no longer works, I would say that most advertising is aimed at women, including items that men use, it's easier to convince a wife that more blades are better than a man who has to use it, and I would be on the 5 blade version, if it wasn't for the fact that I take the pee out of the 5 blade adverts, I was quite happy with Bic's until they stopped being sharp over time, I had the predecessor to the mach3 again bought by my wife.
I have a Merkur 34C and a Muhle R89 plus a couple of other expensive, but useless, other branded DE razors. I still have my Mach3 and a supply of genuine cartridges (Not the fakes from FleaBay) just in case they stop making them.

I also have a Prince 3 blade cartridge system from Aldi but they stopped selling the cartridges and moved up to a six blade system. Shame because I really like the Prince 3 blade.

Not sure why I keep the Mach3 because I don't think I will ever use it again. Nothing wrong with it but I feel better after a DE shave.

I get the same smooth shave from any of the above razors and the Mach3 is by far the fastest shave. Maybe if I had sensitive skin I would be forced to choose. But I could shave with sandpaper and still not get ingrown hairs.

Time is not a problem for me and neither is the expense. I have been retired for a few years now but still shave every day - Whether I need it or not...
I personally find the mach 3 better than the fusion and wilkinson sword multiblades. I have been gradually reducing the number of blades for cost and personal comfort reasons. I switched from mach3s to cheap Wilko two blade disposables before very recently moving to a DE. If you can afford it though the mach3 is probably the best cartridge razor. However the performance of all of these for me drops very quickly. Three good shaves max so bloody pricey!
I got 3 good shaves, well as good as cartridge gets, on a Mach3, but always pushed it to 6 shaves in pain because of prices.

I get 6 good shaves, the best of my life, with a DE blade. I see no real reasons to ever use a cartridge again, but also acknowledges that they work for some. I do, firmly, believe though that a good DE will outperform a cart, and if one experiences otherwise, it's all down to technique or lack of same. There's so much that can go wrong that it's easy to fault the DE itself.
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There's an incredibly detailed article about which of the Gillette cartridges is best & it concluded that Gillette have never bettered the Mach 3's & that most of the additions since are largely marketing bollocks. Perhaps someone can post a link as I have no idea where I saw it.
I used to shave with the fusion 5. I didn't like it. It caused me to rash and get ingrowing hairs. My face always looked a mess afterwards so I switched to an electric timmer and then got a philips one blade when it was on offer. It worked well but the replacement heads are expensive and they're delicate. I heard that DE razors don't cause irritation or ingrowing hairs like a multiblade so I tried one and It seems to be true. The only difference is that it takes a bit of extra time to learn to use. I'm quite happy because I could never get an amazingly close shave with a trimmer (the one blade is probably as good as trimmers get)
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