Mach 3 cartridges don't swing properly - isolated issue?

Hello everybody

I signed up here to find out if an issue I have with Mach 3 cartridges is possibly isolated to my area or more wide spread.

I sometimes buy the original Mach 3 cartridges (no Power, no Turbo, no Sensitive, no nothing - just the plain vanilla Mach 3 ones) here in Germany at various retailers, e.g. Kaufland, Real, Rossmann etc. The problem is that the cartridges don't swing properly and that leads to me not being able to shave with them as I need the swinging back and forth while I move the razor over my face. With "don't swing properly" I mean that if they move a bit in one direction they never move back. I have verified that this problem exists with all cartridges I bought using various handles. The vanilla one, the Power one, the Turbo one, the Sensitive one. However when I use Power, Turbo or Sensitive cartridges on any handle this problem doesn't exist!

That's when I thought maybe, just maybe, this is a deliberate manufacturing fault to convince users to buy the more expensive Mach 3 cartridges. Or to make one switch to using the Fusion.

So I reached out to Procter&Gamble's support two times over the course of a few months during which I bought another batch of cartridges hoping that the fault I found was a one time problem. The first time I contacted them they were neglecting any knowledge of what I suggested. I was the first customer ever to complain etc. They basically blamed me and my handles.
The second time I contacted them they were quick in refunding the purchase price but also didn't admit anything.

Now my question to you is whether you ever experienced a problem like mine and how did you handle it? I can't always shave with my DE razor and the Mach 3 is the only thing that shaves well and has a good handle in my opinion. I tried several other models and brands but always come back to the Mach 3. But where should I purchase the cartridges now?

Thanks for reading! :)
Port Saint Lucie
If you can swivel the arm attached to the cartridge then the cartridge is good. I am using a Great Value handle (Walmart brand) and a Frank Shaving handle both work great. Also using Great Value cartridges and no issues. Incidentally the Great Value Walmart Mach 3 system is only available in the US. Any Gillette Mach 3 brand cartridge should fit any Mach 3 Gillette brand handle.
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