Mühle Shop, London

Looks good; from the photographs it looks very similar to the Muhle store in Berlin.
I have been to both stores - I found the Covent Garden store by accident. Actually, we were walking past and one of my kids saw it and said "Aaagh! It's a razor store. Don't tell Dad, he'll want to go in." And she was right.

Yes, both the stores have a similar feel to it. It's a very premium feel inside - beautifully laid out, looks like no expense spared. I use synthetic brushes and there's nothing much in the razor line up that I would buy, and the soaps aren't all that. However, they do have a fantastic range of different coloured handles etc, and I think their stuff presents really well. If you're a fan, it's well worth a browse if you are in the area.

Finally, given that the high street is on the wane and there are a plethora of online options to purchase, I'm not sure how they'll go, but good luck to them.
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