Linux users and/or developers?

I always think of trying it, but then I realise I have to go to work and cannot dedicate days to everything compiling.

A good trade off is FreeBSD as it has both packages and ports. So best of both worlds.

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Just tried sometimes a bsd derived,never found it any better than linux,so I've stuck to the penguin.
What intrigues me is snappy. I need to find some time and try out disk usage and performances,but sounds promising.
the error is booting from the usb...comes to the black text box with you boot options select the top one to try it..then error

even updated the bios to see if that did anything...nope

edit the top line for acpi=off...same error..just hangs

intel i5 8gb ram...same straight in and away we go ...happy days


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Has anyone ever played with Gentoo? I always have a vm ready for those days in which I hate myself and search for a redemption :)
I used Gentoo for a while on a laptop, It was very geeky and I loved it, unfortunately it encourages messing and I'd break it ... often. Never tried it in a VM. I sense a project for work Monday
I've been using Ubuntu for many years with some Debian (and of course Raspbian) in between. I like Mint too! But I can't go full time Linux at home for various reasons (gaming being one of them).

Being a sysadmin in a completely Wintel environment I love how refreshingly space age Linux always feels and the fact as a professional in the IT field (who is comfortable within Windows), it keeps me on my toes and out of my comfort zone. Would love to work with it professionally one day.
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