Linux users and/or developers?

Linux admins, developers etc, tend to have his beardy stereotype (thanks to Stallman amongst others)

I'm a software developer on Linux and Mac. Given that I am on this forum I'm usually clean shaven.
So I was wondering how many other folks like myself visit this forum.

If you're a dev, what's your language and platform?
Hampshire, UK
I dual boot Windows and Ubuntu but, I have to admit, I tend to stick with Windows. It's due to work more than anything. When I come to replace my laptop I'll probably keep this machine to use to mess about with (i.e. trial some different distros) without fear of causing irreparable damage!
I use Xubuntu on my pc, I've a laptop and netbook, both with Windows installed but rarely used on them as I use puppy linux (PuppEee on netbook) on both. I have an old pentium pc I use as a music server only, again using Puppy. I boot from Flashdrives a lot of the time, to try Distros or save SSHD usage (and to use other peoples machines!). All my Harddrives are partitioned so that I can install windows if I wish - but I don't.
Spalding, Lincs
I have been using Ubuntu since 8.04.
I don't do any dev work, I'm just a normal user. But its fun playing.
I think I have only ever found ONE thing that didn't work in Ubuntu, some USB printer server device. Turns out I didn't need it in the end.
I would like to learn to do more. I'm currently starting to play with Raspberry Pi. And I have a couple of old PC's I need to restore for people. Drives not seen under Windows, but connected to a Ubuntu machine I can see all the data.

As for face hair and IT, there does seem to be a trend.
I've just had 2 weeks of not shaving and there is something about looking at a monitor whilst stroking your facial hair.


i use linux mint on my dell 7 would not look at it yet mint went on 10 mins and flawless

just a user here though...only criticism is the battery usage is more heavy....and cant find a fix
Lol. Yes, the thinking beard stroking can be useful. Although you can just evaluate your daily shave as an alternative. It's what I do.

I use mint XFCE at home dual booting osx, and centos 6 with Fluxbox at work. As I forgot to mention that in my original post.
Clean shaven, Mac based SOA developer here. Predominantly java and ruby but with smatterings of python and perl when needed. I also spend a lot of time logged into a variety of unixish systems and so am a dab hand with a shell script, but I wouldn't consider myself a Linux developer exactly (never written a desktop app).

Currently running Debian on an underused Raspberry Pi!
Long time IT professional - now a manager, but come from a techie background.

Alongside Win7, I run OpenSuse. At work we use CentOS and SLES. I've installed Ubuntu on Wife's laptop which keeps it running well.
My home machines have been Linux for many years (since '99? I think so), and I used to run, and code for, Debian servers back in the day.

I have had a goatee for eighteen years, though, so I'm hardly a counterexample.
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