Leather or Bay Rum Recommendations

Tuesday July 17, 2018
Good morning folks.

I’m very slowly trying various scents and am hoping for some advice and recommendations on Leather or Bay Rum.

The idea of these scents really appeal to me but rather oddly I’ve never actually experienced either - even when I’ve been in shaving shops and should have at least had a sniff!

I’m not likely to have a chance to visit shop in the near future and was hoping that I could turn to your experiences (bad and good) here.

Thank you all in advance.
Thursday September 26, 2013
Halifax, Republic of Yorkshire
One that you absolutely have to try is Pinaud's Virgin Island Bay Rum. If you're chosen, you'll love it! Some folks find it hotter than a thousand suns but if you're chosen, you're chosen and it'll be wonderful.

Good, classic English Leather (Dana brand?) is the proper leather. Modern snowflake leather tends to be on the side of suede and smells more like high grade Italian sofas than musty biker jackets. Sticking with Pinaud, their Clubman Special Edition is a proper leather. Folks that side of the pond talk lovingly of old baseball gloves.
Tuesday July 17, 2018
I visited the Gentleman’s Groom Room today and was given a few leather scents and bay rum scents to experience.

The bay rum was really overpowering with a clove scent. It reminded me of the dentist and getting clove oil applied on toothache. Not a memory I particularly enjoyed. So this isn’t the scent for me.

The Spanish leather on the other hand was lovely. Geo Trumper’s was a delight. I can’t actually remember the other brand I sampled but it was a tad sweeter smelling than Trumpers. The additional sweet scent just steered me away back towards Trumpers.

So I now have added Geo Trumpers Spanish Leather shaving cream to my collection. The cologne and skin food may be on my Santa list!
Friday March 16, 2018
Cat o nine tails bay rum by captains choice, their bay rum soap is fantastic aswell! Unfortunately you can only get via “the Italian barber” by mail order so postage a little spicy! I normally get 2 or 3 bottles and a couple of soaps at a time to warrant the cost of shipping!
Burns good !
Saturday September 5, 2015
All bay rum smells the same. You can get a gallon of Benjamin's for the price of Pinaud.

Benjamin's is great splashed all over after a bath too and cheap enough to do just that. Arms, shoulders, chest, legs, face.

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Friday March 16, 2018
I have to disagree- I’ve tried a number of bay runs , some are good others terrible. Quality varies considerably, many only made from cheap ethanol and oils rather that natural botanicals and top quality ingredients! This is only however my personal opinion other opinions may vary.
Friday March 16, 2018
I’m just about to make a batch of bay rum - I’ve all the ingredients, if there is anyone that’s tried before and can give any insights or stay away advise it would be appreciated!
Monday February 2, 2015
I’m just about to make a batch of bay rum - I’ve all the ingredients, if there is anyone that’s tried before and can give any insights or stay away advise it would be appreciated!
In reply to the last couple of posts, I disagree wholeheartedly about ALL Bay Rums smelling the same. Might as well say all beer tastes the same and all curry dishes taste the same.

If Ambersnake is interested I copy below the ingeredients of my home made BR.

To be honest I wouldn't bother going to all the time, trouble and expense of making it again. Far easier to buy a bottle ... try a couple out and stick to the one you like best. And, yes, I tried a good few the ones readily available in the UK. Did also try a couple of the homemade ones made by fellow members here.

And those for sale only in the U.S. could be the best ever but if you can't get your hands on them in the UK (which is where I am) then it all becomes somewhat academic.

As it happens I made enough home-made stuff in which to float a battleship, so won't be buying any in the foreseeable - but if I were to buy some more it would probably just be the Clubman Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum - not expensive and, IMO as good as any, and that includes the Bello, which I had high hopes for, but which disappointed.

And finally, I have to say that, on the whole, I was disappointed in whole venture due to the fact that within five minutes of applying ANY of the ones I tried ..... it was gone. Non-existant. A distant memory. The initial application may well be vaguely entertaining but it's not a prolonged affair.

Here's the recipe for today, Jim.

I left it to stew for ages - I don't think it made any difference.

But good luck with yours.

3 fl. ozs Dark Rum
3 fl. ozs Vodka
3 fl. ozs Witch Hazel
20 peppercorns
20 juniper berries
4 pieces of dried star anise
15 grams fresh peeled and sliced ginger
1 cinnamon stick, broke in half
1 tablespoon crushed coriander seeds
40 drops Bay EO
30 drops Lime EO
12 drops orange EO
12 drops lemon EO
12 drops clove EO
12 drops Tea Tree oil
1 teabag ( Sainsbury's Earl Grey)
zest of one orange
zest of one lemon
1 whole vanilla pod, cut into 4
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