Lathering Nannys Silly Soap

I absolutely love the scents of NSS, but haven't worked out the lather yet. I'm a bowl-latherer, and I find that either I get a thick lather which feels too thick, or a thinner lather which has faded before I've finished shaving my face. I don't seem to be able to find the goldilocks point. Any tips?

I should say that the after-shave feel is great, and I love the fact it's vegan. My best result so far was this morning, as a super-lather with some Palmolive mixed in. If I can't work the lather out on its own, I'll just super-lather it from now on, because that was sensational :)


Brentwood, Essex
Original / Olive Oil or Signature?

I find the Original & Olive Oil require very little water, but lots of air - more so than any other soap I've used. The way I lather Signature is closer to other soaps i.e. a little more water. Hope that helps - Paul
Thanks for the responses. It's signature. I bought three loads and the scents are all amazing, so I really want to get this working well.

I'll give it a go with a longer, gentler lathering, and see if that does the trick :)
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