Kitchen knife blades

Plymouth, Devon
I use a two-sided diamond sharpening steel. One side hones and the other sharpens. The diamond requires significantly less passes than a standard steel. Just got to be ok with holding your angle when doing it. I've had mine for ~10 years and it's still going strong (along with my knives). I think they can be had for <£40.

Interestingly, my father is an ex-pro chef and sharpens his knives to 30 degrees in some cases.


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I use a stone on mine. It is a bit difficult at first to maintain the correct angle so I bought a guide that sits on the knife and keeps the angle right. After a while muscle memory develops and you can eyeball it.
As mentioned by others before, I use a ceramic rod and when necessary, a diamond coated steel. If my blades get out of shape or super dull, I send them out to a sharpening service. Some of our blades are scalloped, send them out to a professional who regrinds and reforms the scallops.
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