King of Shaves - End of Innovation

King of Shaves have recently introduced two new cartridge razors. The KOS Five blade and the KOS Retro 4. The KOS Five blade handle has been sourced from a Chinese manufacturer, and was the first KOS handle not to be developed internally. The actual handle and carts are available from MERS marketed as the T- Series/Taranis Futur5. The Retro 4 features Bic Flex 4 carts. Neither of this two products have any involvement of their former partner Kai.

What has happened to innovation at King of Shaves?
Cotswolds edge
I think Kos razors are in a bit of a crowded market lately, they certainly pricey in some cases, selling some Chinese stuff maybe just a survival mechanism I suppose.

I rather like their potato peeler designs.

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