Killing Eve

Well I finally watched the final episode of season 3, and well what a disappointment.
I don't know why but I thought it was 10 episodes, so I was planning on watching the last three episodes to find I only had one to watch. Am I the only one disappointed with season 3?
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I think the difficulty with the "season" format is that they often turn into soap operas.

The first season is always where all the good ideas are, often to the detriment of further seasons since they don't know from the off if a second or third season will happen. Ratings. Hannibal, for example, was awesome! But they had rejig the timelines for the second and third seasons because they'd achieved the timeline (of the films) in that first season. Alternatively, sometimes you just want more and more of the same in that universe - Fargo, for me, just got better and better.

Back to Killing Eve ...

Season 1 - really good. Season 2 - a bit meh! Season 3 - really could not be bothered. Mrs thought it the best of the three, though. Go figure.
Yes Season 1 was really good, fresh and innovative. Jodie Comer is a real revelation. Follow-up Seasons are sadly less captivating.
Same with The Handmaid's Tale, Season 1, based on Margaret Atwood's book, is way better than follow-up seasons.
The TV series was good. Agree that series 3 was a letdown. The books are brilliant and highly recommended but very '18 rated' and not for the prudish. The TV series is based on the book characters but the storyline is different.
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