Just like a real business!!

In the garden
Custom soap for the truly discerning ? Now this could be a real niche market Soapy One. From reading the attar thread I'm guessing that there could be a ready market for one along the lines of, " Moribund Sepulchre in a Deserted Graveyard ". There you go, you can have that name for free.

JohnnyO. o/
Crikey Johnny, sounds all Harry Potter! Instead of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, we'll have Soapy Sharon's Every Scent Soaps - Ear Wax and Toe Jam with a hint of Belly Button Fluff anyone? Dangle Berry Surprise? Arko have already cornered Turkish Prison Laundry with Eau de Urinal Cake....:D
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Congratulations Sharon. I have your signature Citrus Zinger soap and it's one of my favourite scents. Got it when I first started wet shaving a couple of months ago and I've shaved with it on a couple of my YouTube videos. Keep up,the great work :)
Sharon, I'm a menthol fan, and Ice and a Slice is my first and only one of your soaps at the moment. Great minds (Hello Paul, fancy meeting you here!) obviously think alike.
Just checked the stats on my site, and Arabian Nights is actually the best seller in the shaving soaps; strangely pipped to the post by Patchouli bar soap. I really ought to do Arabian Nights and Moroccan sands in bar soap as well.