July Acquisitions

Almere, The Netherlands
@karlc They are Glycerine soaps from an Ukraine shop named Elly's Wondershop, i got them in a combined buying deal on the Dutch Forum, i tried to google the place, but no joy https://ellyws.blogspot.com/?m=1 . The smells are subdued, and the ice in the Banana soap is very little, the banana smell is very nice, but disappears while shaving, a pity. On the other hand, Glycerin soap can be melted by Au bain-marie method, when melted, added menthol crystals will dissolve, stir and let cool :)
Just don't try to cool it quick, like a member of the Dutch forum did, by opening the cold water-faucet wide open above the melted contents, he flushed 98% of his precieus Mama Bear Iced Peppermint down the drain :eek: :ROFLMAO:
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