July 2020 acquisitions

West Sussex, UK
Yeah, difficult to fathom ...

I used a 37C about 5 years ago. I figured it would be a perfect daily shaver for me as a DE, but at the time I was purely single edge (for shaving) and so as it wasn't part of a collection (I do like my Gillette New & Tech razors, as you know ... as a collection as well a for occasional shaving), I let it go.

Getting back into traditional shaving recently, it's been a return to double edge and I picked up another 37C. Well, my first impression was that it was like being kissed by a kitten, it was so mild. Maybe those years of single edge shaving have made everything feel mild or maybe it's that my technique is improved in all areas - prep, lather and shaving.

I got a note from @Dave-the-rave who said that Merkur had indeed retooled about 5 years ago and a milder razor was born. I've not looked any further into it. Maybe he can cite sources?

Either way, I like mine. I hope you like yours, too.

Yeah, there's some talk about Merkur going into administration. I must say, I'm mulling over whether to get a Progress as well, but from memory I found the head too heavy and rarely faffed with the adjustment. I never really clicked with any adjustables and let my mint Fatboy and my birth year/quarter Black Beauty go.
Paul there was a thread about it either on here or ATG. Somebody posted pics showing the slight differences in the heads. They definitely retooled as the newer razor had subtle but obvious visual differences. I didn't shave with the newer version but those who did agreed it a just a wee bit milder.
Just my personal experience but I've owned several new 37c razors since 2016 when I started, all were very mild shavers similar to the 34c... Couple of months back I bought another one s/h, it looked a little different upon close inspection, slightly rougher around the edges and no Merkur / Solingen text on underside of the baseplate as I was accustomed to, presumably this was an older production model... It was rough as hell to shave with, really unenjoyable.
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