Jeremy Clarkson on Ferrari

Bideford, North Devon
A few years ago I purchased the above title. It was reduced to something like £21 in a book sale and I've just seem it now goes for £150-£180 ! That's the first and probably the last time I will buy a book that actually appreciates in value.

It was widely criticised at the time but it does have some lovely photographs in it. Mines the red cloth covered version and I'm glad I have kept it in its original mailing box and no ones been allowed to finger through the pages.
There's a few not so good photos too. Just also seen someone advertising it to £280, that's just silly for what I think it is.
I have a few book that have increased in value but tend to hang on to my books so probably won't sell them. I don't like his writing though. I gave all the ones I had to charity shops. I did not know he wrote on Ferrari though.
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