January 2019 Aquisitions

I took delivery of another travel grooming kit, I paid a bit more than I would have liked - the pitfalls of being caught up in a Ebay bidding war but least the seller was a charity so I don't feel too guilty. The kit didn't come with a brush or soap.


The razor still had it's blade and it was the rustiest blade I have ever seen! Horrible.

But it did come with a Fat Handle Tech. I've been after one for a while, so I'm pleased with that.
After using the same set up for nearly five years I broke my Muhle R89 and joined this forum looking for recommendations. Started reading posts and.... You buggers are going to cost me a fortune :mad: ;)

Some of my new toys
Not to mention the soaps, post shave products and various different razor blades.
Right... I'm off to shave with my Merkur teamed with a feather. So looking forward to using my new silver tip brush.
I picked up a few vintage Gillette Platinum Plus blades. It has been a long time since I have used any of them, and I thought I'd do an informal comparison of them to my Personna 74 Tungstens, Gillette Swedes, and Wilkinson Light Brigades, just out of curiosity.

I have found them to be pretty much as I remembered, very sharp and efficient but slightly harsh, somewhat less smooth than Personna 74 Tungstens or Wilkinson Light Brigades. They glided well without drag, but they left me with some skin burn. Their longevity not as great: the blade lasts about 18 shaves.