January 2019 Aquisitions


Nivea aftershave sensitive balsem and protect and care balsem. 1 + 1 free, so 50% discount of the total price (they gave a different price).
De Vergulde Hand shaving soap, new package. It has temporarely 20% more soap.
Amando Noir deodorant, special price €1 150 ml
Palmolive naturals hand soap 300ml, also 1 + 1 free
Seattle, WA, USA
I got this bottle of Houbigant Yama "cologne" yesterday. I took a chance and purchased it on eBay because the seller accepted my low-ball offer for it. However, all the other Yama colognes listed there have orange and black caps, while this one has a white and black cap like the aftershave ("Men's Lotion") that I already had. I can't discern any difference in fragrance strength between the new bottle and the Lotion one, just sniffing them. So I guess I'll have to try it as both an aftershave and a post-shower cologne to see what it really is.
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