Introduction To Bart's Balm

Had the first go of the balm and aftershave this morning and, suffice to say, I love it. My skin feels great, lovely and smooth and, as said above, not greasy. Will be buying more!
Glad that it arrived nice and quickly. I know that I hate having to wait for items to arrive, so I always try and get things posted as soon as I can.

Delighted you are enjoying your items and you are most definitely welcome to buy some more :)
Well, after a few days of use now, have to say that I continue to love the balm and aftershave and, indeed, another order will be coming in.

One thing I have realised is that a little goes a long way. Three little squirts of each does the job for me (including on the head, as I shave that too!), leaves me feeling lovely, nourished and smelling very nice :)
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