Interesting Indie GoGo from King of Shaves

So I tend to use Kind of Shaves gels for when I don't have time for a real shave, and their after shave balm as I find it the nicest (though most expensive of the ones out there).

Anyway, in amongst all the junk they send me, there was a link to this:

I'm not going to harp on about the arguments about reducing plastic or the advantages of DE over cartridges, but I thought people might be interested in this fairly new, but still big brand, doing a more traditional shaving option.

Personally I've gone for the shave stick with refills, as I am not willing to risk £80 that their DE razor is any good.
The DE razor they name is the Edwin Jagger everyone's been talking about >here<, although the pictures look nothing alike. Good to see what the RRP's going to be (although that's for more than the razor alone).
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