i have decided to stick to DE after all

because i'm very stubborn after all and i'm not the one who concedes defeat that easily. Also because i'm a longtime linux and open-source user and so even for ideological reasons.
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linux and shaving
Maybe you need to find the 'right distro', ie the software (blades, soap) and maybe even the brush might not be the right ones for you.

Like for Linux, it took a fair number of attempts using various distros including Ubuntu, Elementary and others before I settled on Manjaro (which I love)
The new Gillette two blade cartridges for sensitive skin aren't bad at all, from the looks of it. People say they shave great, give them a go.
i wouldn't use anything from gillette even if they paid me. And BTW Skinguard is not able to shave very close due to the mechanics of the carts itself. I know it's intentional..but i am not willing to pay 20 euros for a pack of 4 that shave LESS close of the older ones. I would stick with the older type or better move to safety razors. And the latter is exactly what i'm doing now
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