I <3 Omega Boar Brushes

My first favourite brushes were Omega boars, but the acrylic handles crack and break too easily. The last one I ordered was wood, however I was impressed by the new synthetics. My RR Plissoft has just been replaced by a Yaqi Sagrada Familia.
i use boars mainly by choice ,both omega & semouge & vulfix tried badger ,not impressed gave them away !!! also in rotation is a horse & a synth . no complaints with the synth or horse ,i just seem to prefer boar,s with a short loft of 55mm or less . i face lather because anything else is heresy!!!!! one to stay away from is the kent boars mine fell apart in 6 months .. not happy :cautious: you can,t really beat the omegas for value & availability tho...
North East.UK
I still love my boar brushes..My beloved Omegas & Semogues & not forgetting my horsehair brushes too, will always be a welcome in my shaving den. However, i equally like my Synthetic brushes too. I like to use both.
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The Bubinga one on the right might be favourite looking brush I've seen on this forum, but all the wooden handles are beauties.

Nice collection of Portuguese Pigs you have there! Have you noticed much difference between the unbanded vs the plain bristled brushes?
I don't think banded or unbanded is the relevant factor really. They are different grades of hair. Semogue list their hair as such...

Premium 90% tops
Best 90% tops
Extra 75% tops
Super 70% tops
Special Grade 90% tops (usually found in Limited Editions, and SOC)

The percentage tops is how much hair is set at max length so the rest is shorter to give backbone.
The 1438 has Extra 75% Tops and 50mm loft
The 1460 and 1250 both have Best 90% tops with 50mm and 55mm lofts respectively.
The 1800 has a mix of Extra 75% Tops and Premium 90% Tops, but no idea of the ratio of Extra to Premium. 55mm loft.

So the different hair grades, percentage set to tops, mixes if any, knot diameter and loft, are going to be more important than banded or unbanded.
So far mine aren't fully broken in so it's to early to say what the end results will be. They are all different though. Even the 1460 and 1250 with the same hair grade are very different because of the different lofts. The 1800 is a real outlier already, with it's mixed knot and Premium hair. It was the softest out the box and when wet is nearly as soft as some synthetics. There are still some pokey hairs in there still to split, which presumably is the Best. Semogue boar hair is very fine and delicate compared to some boars.
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