How the TSR Raffles work.

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The Rules are evolving organically so we need to write them down for newcomers to the raffles as well as keeping them up to date with practice.

Newbies are welcome but only after they have posted at least two substantial posts other than in the Raffle and Welcome Sections.

Ticket prices are adjusted according to the value of the prize and may vary month to month. The price includes the cost of the prize, shipping to UK addresses if charged and a contribution to TSR or the TSR Charity. That contribution is currently set at one third of the value of the prize. Members are limited to three tickets each to begin with and then we open it up after a while. I'll post when.

We use the National Lottery draws to select the winner - the Bonus Ball wins, so we are limited to 59 tickets.

We will dispense with the Odd and Even number system as it was not used. However, if you would like to buy a half ticket at half the cost, this can probably be arranged. Please PM me.

By opening raffles on Saturdays, we give working members a better chance to select the numbers they would like and it gives everybody plenty of time to select their tickets and pay for them, in time for the National Lottery draw the following Wednesday or Saturday. If we have not completed in time for the draw, we have to wait for the next Lottery – an incentive for everybody to act quickly.

Payments are to tsrraffles at gmail dot com (note the double 'r'). The tsrraffles account is not a TSR account - it is a private account in my name (Bechet). Payments must be either Gift for the ticket price or you can add fees if you wish - just so long as I receive the ticket price. Please pay for your tickets at the time of request. Tickets not paid for straight away will remain on sale and the request not actioned until payment is made. Please note this change of practice and avoid disappointment. It is designed to speed up the end process and avoid delays.

Please add a note to your PayPal payments, telling me your user name and ticket number(s). Payments without both pieces of information will be accepted as donations to TSR, not as ticket requests.

We'll go for the next Lottery draw after all tickets are sold.

We run a 'Suggestions' thread before the raffle - please contribute with costed items and a link to them.

If you don’t fancy the prize being offered, please still buy a ticket – there would be absolutely nothing against you for selling your prize - even before it is ordered (let the purchaser choose if the prize allows).

All of the above may vary and be added to so please read the post at the beginning of each raffle, where variations will be mentioned.
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