How many of you do 1 pass?

Just transitioned from electric shaving, prior to which used cartridges. With the carts use to only do one pass.

Have now bought a DE and note that everyone does 2/3 passes. I have very coarse hair and have never in my life gotten a BBS type of shave in my life. Anyway today I did 2 passes after which I did ATG on sections of my face. Yes it did get it very smooth but for me this will take a lot of time and practice and as I shave at night it’s a bit pointless as by morning I will have stubble again.

Anyway due to all this am thinking of just doing one pass shaving and was just interested to find out how many people do the same? Thanks
I don't use carts, but my son uses carts and a Rockwell on #5 or #6 and for him the carts are like you say much more efficient.

I can't see one pass working either with a really efficient DE like a R41 or even with an even more efficient GEM razor like the Micromatic Open Comb (MMOC) with a PTFE blade in it. It's good to start with a WTG pass over the whole face before going on to XTG and ATG. After the first pass you don't have to do a whole pass though, you can just do a series of shorter passes and clean-ups. Most of us enjoy a slower shave with a nice artisan soap with a good scent. If you have time for that in the morning, go for it.


I am quite happy to get away with a one pass shave if the end result feels good. More so if it is a shave after a few days growth where a couple of extra passes can feel somewhat uncomfortable.

May be down to which razor as well. The Ikon SB can acheive such a great job on a single pass that it ain't worth going the extra face mile
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I've done 1 pass shaves with my old type & got very good results.
It was with plenty of skin stretching though & I have light/moderate beard growth.
I can't go ATG with the old type.

Generally though it's WTG/XTG/ATG with all my other razors.
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Single pass, whatever the format - straight, single edge, double edge or cartridge. I've got quick growth and shave in the evening, so anything missed is pretty much evened up by morning.

I do a kind of "Gillette Slide" (a diagonal slicing cut) all towards my chin; cheeks down, neck up.
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I've not been able to get away with a one pass shave since moving away from carts. Two passes is sufficient with a Merkur Futur or Muhle R41 but most (not all) vintage Gillettes etc require three. If using a Feather Popular or even a Tech fitted with a milder blade I will require four passes.

That said, I shave first thing in the morning and like it to last as long as possible so every shave has an aim of 80-90% BBS.
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