How many de shavers ?


Does anyone know how many de shavers there are in UK or usa? Those who use brush, cream and a de razor. I don't want the manufactures of brushes, soap etc to go out of business! Are we shavers growing in number? Maybe some vendors can say.
You've only got to look at what the big tobacco companies did when electronic cigarette usage took off to see where this could potentially go.

Imagine how quickly the big boys would march to Brussels to promote how dangerous DE blades are if DE shaving became popular enough for them to take notice. Then imagine the unfounded and overbearing regulations that would be applied to loose blades as a result.

I'd rather traditional shaving in general stayed in the little niche it currently occupies. The fact I pay £10 for 100 DE blades while my friends think they are getting a bargain by paying £15 for 8 cartridges from a hip mail order company is a personal win for me.

^^^ That applies to the cartridge blade industry specifically. I think shaving software is in a good place, ironically fuelled by the popularity of beard keeping in the last few years. Beard oil, alternative shaving creams and moisturisers occupy the supermarket shelves where previously you'd only find tins of blue goo or a tube of palmolive if you were lucky. I saw Bluebeards Revenge products in Tesco before Christmas and John Lewis have stocked TOBS for a while. It's just a difficult one to promote on a large scale because to the masses, shaving is simply a necessary evil
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