Homemade post shave ideas

I see a lot of SOTD posts here and elsewhere where people use homemade post shave splash. I just wondered if anyone here makes their own and would be prepared to share some recipe ideas?

I know witch hazel is a good base and people sometimes add menthol crystals or essential oils. I'm not quite sure which ones though, or what quantities to use.

Any thoughts appreciated!
i mix 200ml of witch hazel with some glycerine, a dash of vodka or 2, and then add scent - it can be a mix of essential oils but this time I used Eucris edt to compliment my shave soap.

I shattered an alum bar last year so decided to add some of that to the mix too which worked quite well. don't put too much in tho.

I follow this with a pure aloe vera gel as balm.
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